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Each Word Tells a Story…

My mind has been in a fog

So I decided to write a blog.

A place to write my thoughts

Because words say lot.

Writing lets me set my thoughts free

A powerful tool some words can be.

For without words

How else can I express

The jumbled up thoughts in my head.

Some words carry sorrow

Some words carry pain

But others carry happiness and joy

And of course, some words are kinda lame.

But keep on writing

Let your words set you free

For each word tells a story

And a story is what you see.

10 thoughts on “Each Word Tells a Story…”

  1. Farhee,
    I wish I could beautifully express myself as you do!
    Keep on writing, I’m sure I will be buying a book of poems written by Farheen very soon!

    Liked by 1 person

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