Happy New Year
Farheen's Corner, poetry

Ringing in the New Year

A new year often has us thinking about fresh starts. Each year we strive to find that perfect resolution that will bring us more happiness and joy. But what if instead of looking for perfection, we look for something more meaningful…

Ding dong, ding dong

Lets ring this new year along.

A time to start out fresh,

A time to put away the old and bring out the best.

New resolutions, new promises we make

New resolutions, new promises we break.

Because everyone is searching for perfection,

But what if instead, we focus on the pursuit of affection?

Affection for ourselves and those that we love

Affection for our health because that is true wealth.

Affection for those who are truly in need

Affection for those with whom we may have disagreed.

For if we have learned nothing else

It’s that being surrounded by affection

Is better than a life of perfection itself.


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