Writing has always been a passion of mine. As a child, I would spend countless hours writing short stories. In fact, I loved writing so much that one of my teacher’s created a cozy area in the class for me go to whenever I was inspired to write – we called it “Farheen’s Corner”.

Fast forward to many years later. I continued to write on and off but with the continuing demands of school, work, family and life in general, the words that used to flow so easily became harder and harder to find until eventually I packed up my desire to write, put it in a tiny box in the closet and left it to collect dust for many many years.

Recently, that desire to put my thoughts into words has re-emerged and evolved. In addition to storytelling, I’ve recently started to explore poetry too. I’m not going to become the next Edgar Allan Poe or William Shakespeare any time soon, but putting pen to paper, or keyboard to computer in this case, is something that brings me joy and we could all use a little more of that in our lives.

So welcome to Farheen’s Corner – a place for me to share some thoughts, some stories and some poetry.

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