two hands reaching for one another
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To say these last two years have been challenging is to state nothing but the obvious. We’ve been through such a roller coaster, sadly with more downs than ups. People have suffered the loss of family members. People have suffered the loss of their home and jobs. People have suffered the loss of what brings them joy. With so much turmoil all around, it’s easy to feel lost and wonder if we will ever find hope and happiness again.

I wrote the first part of this poem a few weeks ago when I was feeling particularly down. But after chatting with a friend today I realized that even though we are all struggling, knowing you can reach out to someone, even if it’s virtually, helps. So when the days feel long and dark, connect with someone, say what you’re feeling and be there for one another.

Three weeks became a year, a year became two;

Staying apart from everyone, there’s nothing we can do.

Sadness climbs high, happiness is low;

Even when we turn a corner, there’s nowhere to go.

Will there be laughter, I only see tears;

Loss of life around us, grief for years.

A feeling of loneliness, a feeling of despair;

Nothing makes me smile, nobody cares.

Maybe this is the way, the way it all ends.

Or maybe it’s a test to bring out our best.

To show others we care, even if we can’t be there.

To send a virtual smile, even from across the miles.

Maybe one day we’ll look back and see

See if I was there for you, and you were there for me.

For even if today we can’t stand together

Our emotional connection will make us stronger than ever.


10 thoughts on “Connections”

  1. Thank you for sharing. It’s so easy to feel like your the only one that feels a certain way. To know others are going through the same thing you are does help.

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