basket of socks
Farheen's Corner, poetry

Sole Mate

Weโ€™re black

Weโ€™re white

We’re colourful

We have stripes.

Together forever

We promise each other

Until the day

That one of us

Is gone forever.

Lost in the abyss

The black hole

The void

The loss of my sole mate

I could not avoid.

Now I sit in this basket

All on my own

Surrounded by lost pairs

We are all alone.

Till we meet again

In the sea of lost socks

I will stay here forever

And reminisce your loss.

โ€“ Authors Note: Yes, this was inspired by my never ending piles of laundry, never ending sock matching and the mismatched socks that are inevitably left behind to ponder what happened to their sole mate… ๐Ÿ™‚


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