Farheen's Corner

Ode to Caffeine…

Oh caffeine
You are there when I need you
Early mornings, sleepy afternoons, long road trips
You never disappoint.

Dark and rich, just your presence eases my stress
You make a cold day feel warmer
And a long day seem bearable
You wake me when I am sleepy
And comfort me when I am down.

You bring good friends together
You make chocolate cake even better.

But now in Ramadan we must depart
For seeing you too late leaves me restless through the night
I will not forget you oh caffeine
For in 30 days, we shall reunite again.

– Authors Note: If you know me, you know I love caffeine and need it to function everyday. But somehow during the 30 days of Ramadan I manage to survive without…must be the power of this special month because the day after Ramadan I crave it again.


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