jellyfish in the ocean
Farheen's Corner, Poetry

Creatures Unknown

So inviting

Yet terrifying

So beautiful

It’s mystifying.

Turquoise blue

Crystal clear

But what lurks underneath

Fills me with fear.

A world which we do not know

A world where many unknowns grow.

They may be pretty

They may be bright

But they can be dangerous

And they will bite!

–Author’s Note: The ocean always amazes me – it scares me yet takes my breath away at the same time. We recently visited Panama City Beach where we enjoyed the beautiful ocean and beach until the last day where storms brought in all kinds of jellyfish and other sea creatures to the shore! I’ve been stung before and did not plan on being stung again!

Did you know: The box jellyfish has 24 eyes and is one of the most venomous creatures in the world. It’s sting can kill a human within a matter of minutes!


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