Scared person in bed
Farheen's Corner, poetry

2 A.M. Roar

A loud roar in the night

It wakes me up, in a fright.

Where did it come from, this loud roar?

A lion, a tiger, maybe a boar?

My body tenses up, I’m very scared.

How will I defend myself, I’m not prepared!

But I open my eyes, I must be brave

I have a family that I must save.

I turn around not sure what’s in store

And then I sigh for I fear no more.

That noise, that big loud roar

All it was, was my husband’s snores…

–Authors Note: Yes I did write this at 2am after my husband’s snoring work me up and I couldn’t fall back asleep. Leave note in the comments if you can relate 🙂


7 thoughts on “2 A.M. Roar”

  1. Tsk tsk,… the poor husband. He is probably a truly amazing guy, working hard for his family. He probably worked so hard that he just passed out tired, sleeping peacefully beside his wife. Snoring is just his way of saying he is sleeping safely, deeply, and peacefully by the side of my loving wife

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